High Quality is KEN XIN DA's Commitment to Users

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Data: 2013-12-11
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High Quality is KEN XIN DA's Commitment to Users

Shenzhen KenXinDa Technology Co., Ltd.  was established in 2007. Currently it owns more than RMB 1 billion fixed assets and over RMB 10 billion investment assets. It has established its production bases in Longhua and India. The company has a team of more than 1,500 elites at home and abroad with reasonable knowledge structure, rich work experience and strong sense of innovation, among which more than 90% are bachelor's degree holders, 30 doctors, 40 overseas R&D engineers from 20 disciplines and 40 majors of over 50 well-known institutions

KEN XIN DA Group is a private enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of mobile communication products and mobile intelligent terminal products. It is committed to becoming the most professional and influential ethnic communications company in international markets.  The company relies mainly on distributors and agency to promote products. With competitive production technology and a more mature integrated business model, it can provide customers with quality products and comprehensive services in a timely manner, which also achieved its strategic goal of "focusing on customers and developing through innovation".

The company meticulously builds a brand image with international influence and conducts all-round in-depth operation in overseas countries: it built up a professional overseas operating team and established resident branches in critical regions; its operational activity covers more than 180 countries including Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Australia, Iran and Russia.

As a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen and a new round of national standard-setting enterprises, KEN XIN DA applied for more than 500 technology patents and mobile appearance patents to protect its own intellectual properties. Meanwhile, it obtained ISO9000 certification, International IAF Certification, China Taier Laboratory Certification, International CE Certification, International CNAS Certification, China Environmental Protection Product Certification and China Laboratory National Certification.  It was awarded "Shenzhen outstanding software industry" and "Hot 100 Software Organization in Shenzhen" successively and ranks among the forefront of state-level high-tech enterprises.

KEN XIN DA Group has won the recognition and support of the broad channels by virtue of its product characteristics that lead the market and the stable product quality. In order to improve hardware technology and software solutions, it has successively cooperated with world-renowned chip developers such as Tsinghua Exhibitions, Qualcomm and UK-based wolfson. The original technologies for baseband, RF and software of all projects have come from Texas Instruments, MTK China and ADL UK, etc.

In the future, the company will continue to adhere to its existing business strategy of “innovation, efficiency and excellence”, committing itself to the development, production and sales of communication products and providing customers with high-quality, professional and efficient services. At the same time, KEN XIN DA established a cooperative relationship with more top-end customers so as to maintain stable and continuous growth of the company's business.

KEN XIN DA’s  Brands

 There are two famous brands under the KEN XIN DA Group: "KXD" and "EL". The KXD brand already has considerable influence and popularity in overseas. A simple brand image and unitized intelligent product can no longer meet the various needs of customers. In order to meet customers' need and to be at the forefront of the trend in the smart era, KEN XIN DA Constantly improve the fashionable and exquisite smart phone brand "KXD" and launch the military-grade high-end mobile phone brand "EL". The two brands that KEN XIN DA strives to create will be dedicated to provide customers with the ultimate experience and the most advanced intelligent terminal products and services.

Corporation Culture

KEN XIN DA adheres to the business philosophy of integrity, innovation, efficiency and quality and strives to be bigger, better and stronger. It is committed to revitalizing the national communications industry and responding to "The Belt and Road Initiative” to provide global customers with first-class international products and services.  It aims to become top mobile communication brands and manufacturers in the communications industry of the world.

Brand Influences

"EL" and "KXD" have enjoyed popularity among overseas consumers since they were launched overseas. The "EL" brand has attracted nearly 800,000 fans on its Facebook account within six months. "KXD" has also received 250,000 fans in three months.

In the overseas countries, at the mention of the "KXD" and “EL” brand, the customers will associate it with the "three high" brand image, which is "high quality, high cost performance and high reputation".



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