High Quality is KEN XIN DA's Commitment to Users

Data: 2013-12-11
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High Quality is KEN XIN DA's Commitment to Users

KEN XIN DA is a national mobile phone brand focusing on the export market. After more than ten years of development, the company has adjusted its business strategy, strengthened its internal management and established modern enterprise management mechanisms and brand operation systems. Based on the international market, the company launched “EL” high-end three-proofs smart phones and “KXD” exquisite smart phone terminal brands in the world in 2015, aiming to become the world's most popular international mobile phone brand. KEN XIN DA's business in various forms such as the Internet and the ground is spread all over the world in more than 180 countries,including Africa, Europe and South America. At the same time, KEN XIN DA spotted the pain points of smart mobile phone brands in Europe and the United States market and took new steps to actively explore the European and American markets, which proves to the world that the future occupation was not a dream.

垦鑫达 -- 移动欧美市场,我的未来不是梦

In today's globalized world, KEN XIN DA upholds the traditional virtues of honesty, trustworthiness and self-improvement of the Chinese nation. It is determined to continuously make its products and culture stronger and better. Adhering to the business vision of "making a good, practical mobile phone for each consumer and becoming the world's leading international communications products and services provider", shouldering the mission of "providing global customers with first-class international products and services", with the core values of "honest-based and customer first", KEN XIN DA constantly surpasses and challenges itself and are steadily moving toward the target of becoming the world's leading international communications products and services provider.

垦鑫达 -- 移动欧美市场,我的未来不是梦

In the mobile phone market, there has never been a shortage of competitors. In order to break out of many well-known brands, KEN XIN DA has gone through localization and differentiation to keep close to consumer demand. According to the technical person in charge of KEN XIN DA factory: the leading automation equipment applied by them not only greatly increases production efficiency, but also fully guarantees the reliability of mobile phones, which is the fundamental guarantee for high quality, reliability and durability of mobile phones as well as a solid foundation for rapid delivery. KEN XIN DA has always been devoted to the production of mobile phones. What's important is not simply delivering a product to a global customer, but lies in the quality of that product. This is the sincere heart of KEN XIN DA towards its customers. To become bigger and stronger, a company needs to have a strong sense of responsibility as well as a long way to go. KEN XIN DA's pace in the European and American markets will never stop and finally will find its place there.

垦鑫达 -- 移动欧美市场,我的未来不是梦

The popularity of smart phones has set off an upsurge of selfies for people. People all over the world love selfies. The brand's mobile phones come with beauty features and their own soft-light selfie technology will definitely guarantee your confidence and beauty. In the case of poor lighting, the photos taken by the self-portraits are still very good. The smart phone is your best company when you go outside.

KEN XIN DA has entered the European and American markets with its keen sense of the market and complete business strategy. If it didn't recognize the domestic market conditions early and turned to overseas market, it will not be as successful as today. Therefore, by seizing early opportunity and actively capturing market information, KEN XIN DA is on its way to great progress.


垦鑫达 -- 移动欧美市场,我的未来不是梦

Keeping close to consumers, paying attention to changes in the market and actively integrating innovative ideas in the new era, KEN XIN DA, the persistent and conscientious national brand which is constantly striving to have such awareness and creativity has also harvested a large number of fans in European and American markets. KEN XIN DA opened up opportunities in Europe and the United States to seize the opportunity of the times and used its own professionalism to show the world that it is a high-quality national brand. The scale of the production workshop is very large. The production of mobile phones mainly consists of three parts: patching, testing and assembly, with altogether more than 80 procedures including surface mount veneer, veneer function testing, assembly, pre-processing, complete machine testing and packaging. Each process is very demanding for the production environment, so hygrothermograph and static protection, etc. are applied in the workshop.

All in all, KEN XIN DA, which has been in the mobile phone field for more than a decade, has gradually grown from an impetuous company into a mature domestic mobile phone brand. At the same time, the 10-year development path of KEN XIN DA brand has given more inspiration to domestic manufacturers. The secret of success is to adhere to one's own idea and strive to product quality improvement instead of being a bind follower within the market. Only by that, a company can have sustainable development and survive in the competition. And it is the original intentions and purposes of KEN XIN DA brand to provide users with better products, better experience and more valuable brands.

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